Family violence

Domestic or family violence is unacceptable. Contact Caroline Chung as she and her staff are trained professionals who are there to assist with accusations of family violence, be it that you are the accuser or the accused.

Caroline will spend time with you and hear your side of the story and represent you in Court if:

  • a family member is causing you to fear for your safety or that of your children, other family members or your property. If this happens:
    • contact the police.  They are equipped to respond quickly and appropriately.
    • then contact us urgently.
  • you are being accused of child abuse or family violence, contact us as soon as possible.
  • there has been an isolated event of violence that occurred at a time when one party simply could not take any more of the trauma or stress that prompted an “out of character” response. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Accusations of family violence can be dealt with through different avenues, including:

  • orders for residence with one parent
  • agreed access time/supervised contact with your child/children (not necessarily requiring an Order of the Court)
  • contact centres located throughout Sydney that manage supervision of children during cases of family violence