By law, every parent has an obligation to contribute to the financial support of his or her child whether or not the children are living with them or with the other parent. This may involve one parent paying regular child support payments to the other parent, to help with the costs of raising a child/children.

Some parents, who have separated, agree between themselves to informal or voluntary arrangements for child support that do not involve the courts. We can assist with the preparation of this Child Support Agreement.

However, where separated parents cannot agree to each person’s level of financial contribution of a child or children, the Child Support Agency (CSA) may be involved to calculate child support payments based on a number of criteria (income, number and age of child/children involved, level of care by each parent, etc). CSA also ensures that regular payments are made to the appropriate parent.

Child support decisions made by CSA can be complex and you should consult us for advice specific to your case.

Child Support Agency (CSA)

Child support formula (used by CSA)