Caroline Chung, the senior solicitor from Caroline Chung & Associates and member of the Law Society of New South Wales (NSW), has worked as a legal practitioner since 1997 specialising in family law. Caroline is also a skilled migration lawyer (Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN) 9683483) with the qualifications and experience in visa applications, visitor visa refusals, appeals and reviews. In addition, Caroline is a qualified Real Estate Agent with more than 30 years experience in conveyancing transactions.

Caroline Chung & Associates is only 10 minutes from all the main courts in Sydney to action your legal matters.

Caroline has a solid history of litigation success, as well as being very successful in resolving cases through collaborative law conferences, mediation, offers of compromise and settlements. She will work with you to work out what is the best process for your issue in the most time-effective way. Client testimonials reflect the strength of commitment that Caroline has for her clients and the trust that clients have in her – you are her first priority.

If you’re involved in a police matter and need help, call us as soon as possible.

Our Objective
To bring confidence to the decisions made by our clients by providing expert, practical legal advice specific for their specific needs.

Our Approach
We provide sustainable outcomes for our clients because we:

  • listen to your unique requirements
  • identify your legal matter
  • develop options for you to consider
  • provide strategic recommendations
  • implement action plans
  • achieve outcomes

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